How to Buy the Best Strollers

Warranty available? View on Amazon Why we love this: Rigid simple frame that will last, large storage bin, and great maneuverability.

Double Strollers in Canada

All suspension front wheels and large rear tires make this model a dream to maneuver with only a gentle push. The hand parking brake is connected to both rear wheels to provide extra safety while stopping. Once the kids are a bit older you can feel safe securing them with a 5 point harness that has a one-touch release that allows you to lift the child out with ease and a minimum of fuss.

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Features Each seat has its own independant and adjustable sun and rain canopy with a peek a boo window in the rear so that parents can keep an eye on the action at all times. Fabrics made from woven nylon blended materials provide a comfortable and durable ride that is easy to clean up with a quick wipe down. This pushchair features a quick fold down system and an auto lock to keep it all in place while storing.

It also comes with a towing and lifting handle loop for lifting up into the car.

There is no need to worry about accidental damage while folding this unit as it stands balanced on its own after collapsing. There is plenty of storage in the undercarriage sling for all of your bags, toys and personal items. Each seat has its own slot pocket in the back for additional storage if needed. The push arm is fully adjustable to three heights so that parents are comfortable even during those longer trips. Weighs: Whether you have one child, twins or a toddler and a baby, this is the solution for you.

With only a few easy clicks, it can transform from a single pushcart to a tandem double and back again. Compatible with almost all car seat brands, you can configure the seats to either face you, face forward or have the kids face each other for a neat ride for everyone. Features The oversized wheels are all individually suspended to provide tight turning and easy maneuvering.

The slim design allows you to go through any doorway or tight space without the fear of getting stuck. The tyres are made from expandable foam and are safe for any type of surface without damage. The seats sit higher than average on this stroller to lift your kids higher towards you for optimal interaction experiences. Safety Aspects The aluminum chassis is light as air and provides ample under carriage storage for all your baby travelling needs.

The adjustable height push handle moves with just a click and houses a hand release wheel brake for quick access when stopping. If you are thinking about expanding your family, this is a great choice that will grow with your needs. The 5-point quick release harness system and available attachable arm bar will keep your precious cargo safe and in place no matter where your travels take you.

This is one of the most versatile models available with 12 different configuration positions to move and comfortably accommodate a growing family. The removable and adjustable rear Facetime seat allows for the parents to have more interaction with infants right in front of you only a touch away. The rear seat can be taken out as your kids grow and replaced with a mounted Access Bench or Standing Platform for older kids to ride. Both seats are fully reclinable for sleeping babies or toddlers to get some rest in the best and most comfortable position.

Features Each stroller comes with adjustable sun canopies, a removable kid tray that holds toys, snacks or drinking cups to eliminate spilling and to keep the kids safe and in place. The front seat is equipped with a gently padded 5 point locking security harness with a quick release latch.

This lightweight model moves like a dream with only one hand navigation on an aluminum frame with fully suspended double front wheel movement. The front double lock holds this unit in place safely whenever you need to stop. The push arm has four comfort pushing positions to adapt to any height and the extra large under carriage storage in roomy enough for all of your packages and bags.

The bottom seat can accommodate any car seat for an infant facing forward or you can have a car seat up top for a single stroller option. The super large front seat has multi reclining positions including a lay-flat option for napping comfort. The seats can be positioned in tandem facing the world or facing the parents for extra interaction time.

Important features include the padded 5 point padded harness system in the front seat as well as an extra large oversized canopy for maximum protection for the kids. There is also included back screening that keeps the bugs out while still letting parents keep an eye on things with ease.

The front seat has a flip out leg support for older children and the canopy has specially designed side pockets that have a unique headphone jack for listening to your favourite tunes. It easily fits through doorways allowing you to go anywhere without a hassle. The plush padded seats are reclinable to four different positions and both have the 5-point fast release safety harness to keep the kids in place.

The top back see through windows allow parents to keep a close eye on the action without stopping. Performance The pivoting fully suspended front tires move effortlessly on most terrain and the Baby Jogger Mini stroller can often be pushed with just one hand. The front wheel lock works on both wheels for a secure stopping position. With the patented Quick-Fold technology it only takes one hand and a fraction of a moment to get things packed up and ready to go. This independently standing folded stroller is compact enough to fit into smaller vehicles or storage compartments.

Weighs: 13 kgs Colors:Slate grey, black, red, blue Safe from birth to 45kgs combined Open: cm x Whether you are a regular runner or just trying to keep in shape after a pregnancy, it can move with you like a dream.


Each of the pneumatic tires is puncture proof and suitable for nearly any type of surface in the city or off road. The rear wheels have independent suspension to ensure tight handling. There is a convenient hand brake on the push bar which is also completely adjustable to your optimum height. Features The comfortable padded seat liners are removable for easy cleaning and come with a 5 point quick release harness. The large sun canopies are retractable and each has a large storage pouch on the side for personal items.

This stroller is made for an active lifestyle and will grow and adjust right along with your children. Both seats are separately reclineable to a fully flat position for sleeping. A liftable arm bar keeps little ones snuggly in place and safe on your travels. The narrow design allows you to go anywhere you need to including through standard doorways where you once may have had trouble with older larger models. The one click folding system keeps your hands free and makes for quick set up, fold down and storage. The wheels also have a quick release feature allowing you to remove them for a less bulky storage option.


This model is accepting of many varieties of car seats and the rear seat is removable to allow older children to ride on the platform if they choose. Seats can be adjusted to either have a world view or be parenting facing for more face time interaction. Independently adjustable from a straight upright position to fully laying down, both children can be comfortable at any time. Performance The double swivel front wheels offer premium handling and a smooth ride often only needing to be pushed with one hand.

Both seats come with swing away tray and cup holders for snack and toys.

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Even the parents have a removable parent organizer in the rear with cup holders and spots for phones and keys. Features The breathable fabric seat covers are removable for easy cleaning and made from durable nylon and polyester fabrics in various colour combinations to suit any family. The under the seat large storage area and hanging basket has plenty of room for all of your babies essentials as well as packages or personal belongings. Using a patented fold away design, this stroller is capable of one hand break down and stands securely on its own when collapsed. The narrow design allows it to fit easily into smaller vehicle spaces and storage closets with ease.

The tandem style allows you to fit through any standard doorway or other small spaces like restaurants, department stores or escalators without a problem. Joie Aire Twin Stroller View on Amazon Why we love this: Medium range price, quick and easy set up, and great for quick trips with no fuss. It features individual side by side seats that are each fully adjustable depending on the most comfortable position for each child. Each seat comes with a easy to clean reversible seat liner in your choice of black, pink or blue.

Perfomance Both front and rear wheels have full suspension giving it a tight turning radius and a smooth ride that can be directed using only one hand. There is a convenient single-step brake on the rear tires to make sure that the stroller stays securely in place when needed.