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Amazing staff and wonderful float space. Loved the after float personal care products for ALL! I've visited other float locations but this one is by far the best! Highly recommend this location! Front desk girls were all nice and went above and beyond to make sure our first float was awesome I don't even know where to begin. The staff is amazing, the vibe is amazing, the float has literally changed my life. I became a member after just one visit! Love everything about float spa and would recommend it to anyone looking to disconnect and unwind.

I had been wanting to try out sensory deprivation tanks for a couple years before finally checking this place out. I was going through physical therapy for my back problems and floating literally boosted my recovery. It didn't magically cure it or anything, but it definitely make my back muscles more relaxed the next couple of days. The actual sensation during the float is definitely magical and Serene. I recommend turning the lights off and meditating with second breathes.

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Felt like I was in space for a few times. The staff is amazing.

Floating is an experience unlike anything else

There's Oxygen and tea for you when you're done. This is a very nice spa. The team is more than pleasant and the rooms are clean. Everything that you would want is included. Now, my personal experience on the actual float.

It was nice, for the first 30 minutes then i got bored. I wish they had a mini session. It is exactly as the website states, quiet, solitude to get to know you. I was not a fan, wish i was the packages are nice. It was an awesome and relaxing experience from beginning to end with details of what to expect. The staff was amazing and very professional. Looking forward to continuing my float journey! Great place!! Kyli walked me through the whole thing and was super nice!! After I felt much more refreshed than I do getting massages.

It takes a bit to relax the first time getting into one of those pods, but I knew exactly what to expect and was much less apprehensive thanks to her! I will be returning regularly. I took my son here on Saturday for an early birthday present. Upon arrival the front desk staff were very friendly. Did a tour of the facility and it was very clean.

My son had a nice relaxing float. I was suppose to receive a reminder call for membership today from the staff but I guess they forgot. It's fine I still had a good experience. Everyone should try this at least one time. The owner is so kind and warm.

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The atmosphere is amazing. The spa itself is clean and beautiful, with a peaceful oasis room to relax after your done. I would highly recommend this place to family, friends, and clients. I think my first session could have left a better impression if I knew I could have music playing the whole time. Due to my anxiety my mind will not turn off without a good distraction and therefore left me feeling like I couldn't wait for it to be over. Otherwise, very professional, clean space, and the people who work there are lovely.


We had an amazing experience for our first float! The staff was extremely helpful and kind, the facilities were beyond clean, and we left very relaxed and rejuvenated! What an experience. I suffer from migraines very frequently and actually had a migraine when I went in. From the moment I made the appointment in the morning to my float that afternoon all the staff was extremely helpful, pleasant and informative. I ask a lot of questions lol Courtney was so sweet.

Made me feel extremely comfortable and made sure I had anything I needed. The float was awkward at first. It was too quiet and calming for my own good. But once I actually relaxed it was amazing.

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Of course I got the membership. I've since bought multiple floats for friends and family. And all have had the same wonderful experience. This place is so cool! I felt really relaxed and refreshed after my float.

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I am a football player and was trying floating to help with my ankle injury. I could not believe how much better it felt after my float. Everyone here is super welcoming and nice.

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Also everything is super clean which I appreciated. So worth it! The staff here truly care about each and every customer.

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They go above and beyond to spread the gift of floating through not just their knowledge but their own experiences. As well as truly caring about each soul that walks through the door by spreading love. I know for myself I have been blessed to meet so many amazing individuals through this establishment.

As well being able to experience all the wonderful benefits of floating. I have not only been able to see how floating has impacted others in various ways better sleep, pain relief, anxiety, depression etc. Super thankful for this company for the amount of love they give off and how much effort they put into making this environment as incredible as it is.

We need more places and people like True REST Chandler as they always work so hard and diligently to spread love and positivity. Haley was so kind and welcoming.