The best first car: A buyer’s guide for new drivers in Australia

As a general rule, the bigger the engine, the more fuel it will use. The heavier the car, the more fuel it will use. Shopping — supermarkets often have very competitive fuel prices, and you can sometimes build up reward points to spend on other shopping. Compare the cost of fuel in your area on PetrolPrices. Read our guide for more tips on how to cut your car and other travel costs.

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Lump sums for the vehicle and insurance, unknown servicing and MOT costs in the future and reservations about fuel economy and driving pleasure are just a few considerations that most young drivers have to make. Take a look at our infographic and explore the options we offer for reducing the costs of driving for young drivers.

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What is included in Younger Driver Lease Deals?

Car Offers Driving School. Peugeot Citroen DS Vauxhall. Find your car. Ask a Question. Insurance Here's the BIG one Running Costs Driving an older car may seem the cheaper option at first glance, but this may not always be the case. Reliability Studies have found that young drivers involved in crashes tend to be driving older vehicles [3]. Safety Since , new cars have been improving safety after the introduction of Euro NCap ratings. Find your car Ask a Question.

New car deals with free insurance

Our finance options for young drivers. Find your new car What brand are you interested in? A guarantor is a member of your family, or a friend, who agrees to cover your loan if you are unable to pay it. They will simply have to fill in some forms to cosign your finance agreement. By opting for a car finance solution, you will build up your credit score thanks to the regular payments you will make.

On top of this, with Get Car Finance Here you can refinance your car using terms that are specific to your changing financial circumstances further down the line! A bad credit rating anything below Fair may impact your ability to be financed on a car at 18, however we work with lenders that specialise in bad credit car finance so we could still find the perfect finance deal for you. Black box car insurance has become a hugely popular option for many young drivers who are looking to get their first car.

Often overlooked, buying a car without first checking the cost of insuring could give you an unwanted surprise! Checking insurance quotes to help you choose the right model can result in huge savings. Help drive quotes down by adding named drivers and reducing annual mileage when filling in details. If you want a complete list of all the tips and tricks to help you get the lowest interest rates, check out our helpful low rate car finance guide.

A lack of deposit may unfortunately affect your ability to achieve car finance, but our partnership with a wide variety of lenders will give you the best possible chance of obtaining a finance deal. Any deposit you can put down improves your chances of being approved for car finance at There are thousands of vehicles out there for you to choose from, but it is important to be realistic.

Cheap Car Insurance

You have your whole driving life ahead of you! At Get Car Finance Here we have a wide selection of cars that are ideal for young drivers, and finance packages that can be tailored specifically to your budget. Finding an affordable deal couldn't be easier with GetCarFinanceHere. We regularly update our online showroom with the latest models, so whether you are considering a brand new Audi A3 or a modest runner, pick your favourite from the best used car deals available online. At Get Car Finance Here, we thrive on providing the best possible leasing options for people who are purchasing their first car.

Ford deals for young drivers

We have a massive range of brands available, and will help you find your perfect first car. Are you looking to purchase your first car but are worried about having a poor credit rating? Get Car Finance Here offer affordable car finance solutions to clients with bad credit, with payment plans tailored to suit your exact circumstances, no matter your credit history. Get an immediate decision when you apply online. We can source any vehicle for you. Take a look what there is to offer!

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